What do the people who have used our products have to 

  • User N.N.

You cannot imagine how many years I looked for a solution to my problem. Finally, someone recommended Marbo products, so I located them in the pharmacy and began to use first Activator and then Tonic and Shampoo. My hair grew back completely. I am very satisfied as I am a totally different person! How great that you exist, you helped me so much. 

Thankfully, N.N.

User O.B.

After two weeks of using Marbo Activator I noticed a change. My hair began to grow slowly on the crown area of my head. Since then, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, my hair has grown from the crown area to my forehead and it even filled in in the middle area of my scalp. Improvement is slow , but continuous and what is most important, my hair stopped falling out – completely. My case is difficult as I have genetic predisposition for hair loss. I suffer from androgenic alopecia. For now, I am highly satisfied with the results. I will certainly continue in using the Marbo products because I can see that they work. I will send you pictures as we agreed. 

Regards, B.O.

  • User M.Z.

User M.Z. I suffered from alopecia areata multiocularis. I was losing my hair mostly on the crown area of my head. I consulted with a pharmacist and began to use Activator first and then Marbo Tonic. Changes were slow, but they could be seen. My hair began to grow and within five months, it completely filled the afflicted areas.

Thank you. M.Z.

  • User K.K. 

During the beginning of menopause I noticed excessive hair loss, which led to significant hair thinning especially on the front area of my scalp and above the ears. Already after the first pack of the Marbo products, my hair loss stopped and after three months, new hair began to grow. I am very satisfied, I will continue applying Marbo products and I am glad to spread your good name. 

Best regards, K.K.

  • user L.Z. 

I am a student and recently I noticed my hair falling out especially in the corners above the forehead. In our family, the men suffer from genetic alopecia. I didn’t want to give up! I looked for all available information and possible solutions on the internet. I was most interested because of the natural ingredients of the Marbo brand. I ordered the entire set – Activator, Tonic and Shampoo – and I can say that my hair does not fall out anymore. I used these products and after four months, in the area above my forehead, new hair, still very soft, began to grow. 

Thank you. L.Z.