Physicians that evaluated our products…

Mgr.Pharm. ANN M.

During my many years of practice I have never come across such effective products as Marbo, which comprehensively treat hair, hair skin and hair bulbs. They are natural products manufactured according to a traditional recipe, which includes high concentration of herbal extracts. Marbo products are the first of their kind and are, in principle, different from all other products on the market. I have convinced myself as well as patients who apply these products that they are indeed very effective and also easy to use. They have fast and permanent results. I recommend them for treatment of any type of alopecia. 

About Marbo products

Specialist physicians in “Marbo” dermatology wards performed over 15,000 screenings of patients who suffered from various types of alopecia. The patients included adults and children and physicians monitored the effect of the Marbo products – Activator, Tonic and Shampoo. The results clearly demonstrated that Marbo Activator is one of the most effective natural products for growing new hair and that its effect is the fastest when applied together with Tonic and Shampoo. The Marbo products earned patients’ trust because of their quality and effects. Their best advertisement is the countless satisfied users – our clients. Currently, in Serbia and Croatia, physicians and dermatologists from prestigious clinics and dermatology wards are prescribing Marbo products, on their own initiative, especially Activator, for treatment of all types of alopecia. Marbo products are current the only natural products for hair growth prescribed by physicians. Of course, you can also buy them in pharmacies without a prescription.