1. General provisions

  1. General Business Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) apply only to business relations between the customer and Eximium s.r.o. Karpatské námestie 10, Bratislava – Rača 831 06, as the intermediary (hereinafter referred to as the “operator”) and the company delivering the goods (hereinafter referred to as the “supplier”), concluded through the electronic shop www.noalopecia.co.uk (hereinafter referred as the “shop”). 
  2. The customer is understood as a natural or legal person who after authorising it sends an electronic order processed by the shop’s system. 
  3. An electronic order is understood as a dispatched electronic form containing information about the customer, the list of ordered goods from the shop’s offer and the total price of the order, processed by the shop’s system. 
  4. The supplier is understood as the goods seller, whose offer of products is published in the shop by the operator. 
  5. General Business Terms and Conditions regulate more specifically the rights and obligations of the operator and the customer in their current version and form an inseparable part of this purchase contract. 

2. Order, Conclusion and Withdrawal from the Contract

  1. The condition of validity of an electronic order is truthful and complete data and all essentials required by the system upon registration or order execution.
  2. All received electronic orders are considered as drafts of the purchase contract and binding upon all the interested parties.
  3. The operator accepts the contract draft from the customer by delivering the goods to the customer.
  4. Depending on the character of the transaction (quantity, price, transportation costs, distance and so on) and in particular with a price exceeding 150 £, the operator is entitled to ask the customer to authorise the order in a credible way, for example by phone or in writing. In case the customer refuses to authorise the order, the operator considers the order as invalid.
  5. If the price of the order exceeds 150 £, the operator is entitled to demand from the customer to pay in advance (pro forma invoice, wire transfer or bank card payment), unless the operator and the customer agree on an alternative and suitable manner.
  6. If there is a long-term framework purchase contract concluded between the operator and the customer, in this case the electronic order is governed by this contract, if the conditions of the electronic shop enable it.
  7. The customer is entitled to cancel the order, without providing a reason, up to 12 hours after sending, by sending a cancelling e-mail message to the e-mail address stated in the order.
  8. Conclusion of the purchase contract itself is performed by the customer’s takeover of the goods.

3. Delivery Terms and Costs of the Goods Delivery

  1. The place of the contract performance is understood as the customer’s residence (registered office) or the place of business stated in the shop registration form or the order form. The operator shall deliver the goods using third party services (for example, UPS, DHL) or by its own means or based on an agreement with the customer (possibility to choose upon the order submission) the goods shall be prepared with the operator and the customer shall take them over there within 7 days after receiving a notice from the shop operator.
  2. Delivery of the goods shall be performed by their handover to the customer, or possibly to the post, or to the first haulier for transport to the customer .
  3. The ownership title to the goods is transferred onto the customer subject to the condition of payment of the purchase price in full sum.
  4. The supplier shall deliver the goods to the customer within the shortest possible time (i.e. generally within 7 days ) after the electronic order receipt. The delivery time may be extended in exceptional cases , but it will never be longer than 5 weeks. Non-delivery of the goods within 5 weeks entitles the customer to withdraw from the contract.
  5. The goods shall be delivered to the buyer in regular packaging, with the exception that the characterof the goods requires it or based on an agreement special requirements ensue.

4. Payment terms

  1. The purchase price is due upon the goods transfer at the latest (cash on delivery, from a courier, at the supplier), possibly within the date stated on the pro forma invoice or upon sending of the order if the customer chooses to pay via wire transfer, unless both parties agree otherwise.
  2. If the price of the goods is paid via wire transfer, the goods are shipped immediately after the total price, including VAT, is credited to the operator’s account.
  3. The operator reserves the right to demand the customer to pay in advance (by setting the shop system), in particular with such orders as stated in article 2(5) of these regulations.
  4. In case the customer refuses to pay the order in advance, the operator considers it as invalid.

5. Complaint Terms

  1. Together with the goods the supplier shall deliver to the customer all the relevant documents related to the goods, namely: the invoice – a tax document, the manufacturer’s delivery note (warranty), the manufacturer’s warranty (if provided by the manufacturer).
  2. The supplier provides warranty for the delivered goods explicitly stated in the delivery note (the delivery note also serves as the warranty), unless it is stated in the delivery note. The minimum warranty is 6 months from the date of sale.
  3. The supplier is responsible for defects that appear on the sold goods within the warranty period caused by a defective material, a functional defect or defects caused during manufacturing, assembly or installation performed by the supplier’s staff.
  4. The warranty does not apply to defects caused by unprofessional attendance, inappropriate handling by the customer, use or installation that is in conflict with the user guide. The warranty also does not apply to damages caused by an environmental occurrence, natural disaster, violent damage, weather conditions or operation in extreme and unusual conditions.
  5. The warranty expires in case of unauthorised interference with the goods by a person not explicitly empowered by the operator or the goods manufacturer for this action.

6. Privacy Protection

  1. The operator is obliged to ask the customer only for such data that serve exclusively for the seller’s needs related to performance of obligations ensuing from the purchase contract (name and surname, address of the permanent residence including the post code, telephone number and e-mail address).
  2. The operator undertakes to delete the customer’s personal data from its database upon the customer’s request, written or telephone, even without providing any reasoning and at any time.

7. Final and Interim Provisions

  1. The operator reserves the right to make adjustments in the system.
  2. These General Business Terms and Conditions are valid in the version stated on the operator’s website on the date of sending an electronic order, unless both parties agree otherwise.
  3. By sending an electronic order, the customer accepts all the provisions of the General Business Terms and Conditions and the Code of Practice on Complaint Handling in the version valid on the date of sending this order.
  4. Relations between the parties that are not regulated by these General Business Terms and Conditions are governed the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code and other related legal regulations.
  5. Possible conflicts between the parties which cannot be resolved through a mutual agreement of both parties, shall be decided by a relevant court.