I. General

General terms and conditions (hereinafter only as Terms) apply only to trade relations between the buyer, the company RELAUS s.r.o., Mierová 25, 821 05 Bratislava, as an intermediary (hereinafter only as the Operator) and the company supplying the goods (hereinafter only as the Contractor), concluded through e-commerce noalopecia.co.uk  (hereinafter only as the Trade).
Buyer is an individual or legal person, who, after his own consent sent an electronic processed by the trading system.
An electronic is a form sent electronically containing on the buyer, the list of goods ed from our store and the total cost of your purchase processed by the trading system.
Supplier is a seller of goods, whose offered products are published by the operator in the store.
General terms and conditions specify in more detail and clarify the rights and obligations of the operator and buyer in its current version, and form an integral part of the purchase agreement.

II. , conclusion of contracts and withdrawal

Validity condition of the electronic form is true and complete by filling of all data and requirements required by the system at registration or at the implementation of the .
All accepted electronic s are considered for the purchase and sale contract draft and are considered for binding for all the parties involved.
The operator accepts a proposal to the contract by the buyer when the goods are delivered to the buyer.
The operator is entitled, depending on the nature of trade (quantity, price, transport costs, distance, etc.), especially at a price higher than 150,-EUR, to ask the buyer to authorize the in a credible way, for example, by telephone or in writing. In case of refusal of the authorization by the buyer, the operator considers the for not valid.
The operator is authorized at the higher than 150,-EUR, to demand the payment in advance from the buyer (proforma invoice, payment via electronic banking or credit card payment if the operator and the buyer do not agree otherwise in a timely manner.
If the operator and the purchaser entered into a long-written sales contract, the electronic is, in such a case, governed by this contract, if the conditions of e-commerce allow this.
Buyer may cancel an without giving any reason within 12 hours of its submission, by sending a cancellation e-mail to the electronic address specified in the .
When the buyer takes over the goods this concludes the purchase contract.

III. Delivery conditions and costs of supply

The place of performance of the contract is domicile (residence) or the buyer’s place of business listed on the registration form of the trade or on the s form. The goods will be delivered by the operator using the services of third parties (e.g., the Slovak Post) or he delivers the goods by its own means, respectively, based on an agreement with the buyer (a choice option when placing an ) goods will be prepared by the operator, where the buyer takes it within 7 days after the call from the operator’s trade.
Delivery of goods is carried out by handing it over to the buyer, or the post office, or the first carrier for the transportation to the buyer.
Proprietary of the goods is passed onto the buyer under the condition of payment of the purchase amount in full.
The Contractor shall deliver the goods to the buyer in the shortest possible time (i.e. usually within 7 days) after the receipt of the electronic . The delivery time of goods may be longer in exceptional cases, however, a maximum of five weeks. Non-delivery within 5 Weeks entitles the buyer to cancel the contract.
The goods will be delivered to the buyer in ordinary containers, except in cases where the nature of the goods or by agreement under special requirements.

IV. Payment conditions

The purchase price is due at the latest on receipt of the goods (cash on delivery, by the courier, at supplier) where applicable, by the date specified on the pro forma invoice, or shipment of the if the buyer has chosen to pay by electronic payment, unless both parties agreed otherwise.
If the price is paid for the goods through electronic payment, the goods are dispatched as a priority after receiving the total price including VAT to the operator’s account.
The operator reserves the right to demand the payment in advance from the buyer (by setting trading system), especially when such s as stated in the Art. II. Paragraph 5 of these rules.
In case of refusal to pay the in advance, the operator considers this for a void one.

V. Claims Terms

Contractor with the goods supplies the buyer with all the appropriate documents relating to the goods, i.e.: Invoice – tax document, Operator’s delivery note (warranty certificate), Manufacturer’s warranty certificate (if the manufacturer of goods provides it).
Supplier provides a warranty for the delivered goods, expressly stated in the delivery note (letter serves as a warranty certificate), if it is not listed in the delivery note so the minimal warranty is 6 months from the date of sale.
Contractor is responsible for defects, which occur on the goods sold within the warranty period cause due to the defects in material, malfunction or defects caused by the manufacture, assembly, or installation performed by employees of the supplier.
Warranty does not cover defects caused by improper operation, incorrect handling, use or installation, which is contrary to the user manual. Warranty does not apply to damages caused by natural disasters, violent damage, weather conditions or operation under extreme and unusual conditions.
The warranty is void in case of infringement of the goods by the person, who was not explicitly authorised by the operator or the manufacturer of the goods to execute the intervention.

VI. Privacy Policy

The operator is obliged that he will require from the buyer only data that exclusively serve the needs of the seller related to the obligations resulting from the sales contract (name and surname, permanent address, including postal code, telephone number and email address).
The buyer declares that he agrees, according to § 7 sec. 1 of the Act No. 428/2002 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as amended, in for the seller to process and kept his personal data that are necessary for the seller’s activities and treated them in all his inforation systems. At the same time the buyer provides the seller with his consent to provide personal to another person and using a cross-b transfer of personal data to third countries as well (any country within the European Union and the countries of the so-called Safe harbour). Seller agrees that he will handle buyer’s personal data and treat them in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Slovak Republic. The buyer provides the seller with this consent for an indefinite period.
The operator is obliged that at the wish and upon written or telephone request of the buyer, even without giving any reasons, whenever to delete his personal data from his database.

VII. Final and transitional provisions

Operator reserves the right to make changes in the system.
These Terms and Conditions apply as stated on the website of the operator on the day of sending the electronic except when the two parties agreed otherwise.
Sending an electronic , the buyer accepts, without any restrictions, all the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and Complaints Procedure in force at the date of dispatch of the .
The relations between the two parties, which are not regulated by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code and other relevant legislation.
Any disputes between the parties, which will not be resolved by mutual agreement of both parties, will be decided by the competent court.