Hair loses its density

Diffuse hair loss may appear at any age and is characterised by the whole hair cover becoming less dense and consequent thinner. This hair loss is not concentrated in one area of hair skin and therefore it does not lead to formation of bald areas. Diffuse hair loss results in decreasing hair density.

The causes of diffuse alopecia may be of physical and psychological character: bad nutrition, lack of vitamins, lack of minerals or iron or zinc, diet, dietary defects, illnesses (infections, metabolic defects), medicines and physician treatments, hormonal effects (pregnancy, peroral contraceptives, thyroid disorders, severe flue or surgery, hair modification (excessive dying or undying, ondulation or straightening of curly hair), psychological factors, stressful situations or age. 

The above list focuses on the causes of diffuse alopecia for females. Infections, inflammations, thyroid disorders, lack of iron and some medicines may also cause diffuse alopecia in males. In most cases, diffuse alopecia does not require physician treatment. If a person is lacking iron or other minerals, this only requires a change in eating habits in order to stop the hair loss. Other causes, such as contraceptive pills and medicines, can also be fixed easily. It is enough to ask your physician for other medicines which will solve the hair loss issue. Infections, inflammations, thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalance already require expert treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to point out this fact to an expert, who will then consider all the facts before starting a treatment so they may provide treatment for diffuse hair loss which will be directed towards the root of the problem.