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Why do you state on your website and in your commercials that Marbo products have existed for 20 years? I have suffered from alopecia for several years and Marbo is known neither among the physicians that treat me nor among the people I know – patients with the same diagnosis.

The Marbo products – Activator, Tonic and Shampoo have been manufactured and sold for 20 years in Eastern Europe. In these countries you can buy them in pharmacies and dermatologists recommend them to their patients also on prescription. Patients treated by the Marbo products were included in a study which monitored the effectiveness of the treatment. Over the course of twenty years, more than 50,000 clients have been tested, monitored and show a clear result: around 70% success in the treatment of androgenic alopecia and around 80%. for other types of alopecia. Sometimes it is necessary to wait for the effect. It depends on several factors and how fast the client will respond to the treatment, but there are demonstrable results. One year ago, our company MARBO LTD obtained the exclusive representation and we began to sell and promote the Margo products within the European Union (EU). Most physicians and the patients are not yet aware of us because we are still fairly new, but we are slowly becoming known and have good results from many satisfied clients. 

I have read that Marbo Activator is completely different from other products and that it doesn’t have a competitor. Can you explain why?

Marbo Activator is a new type of local stimulator for hair growth with 100% natural ingredients. It consists of extracts from herbs and woody species, it contains caffeine from coffee, which was proven to effectively support hair growth as well as alcohol and mountain water. It does not contain any preservatives or other chemical additives. The secret of Marbo Activator lies in the special combination of herbs and their exact ratio according to an ancient recipe. It is also about the purity of soil at locations of high altitude where these herbs grow. Here they are able to withstand extreme weather conditions thus transferring this endurance and vitality further to our hair bulbs. That’s why Marbo Activator is so effective and unique and it doesn’t have any competitors. 

Why do you claim that the best results can be achieved by using the full set of the Marbo products? Aren’t they effective individually?

All three Marbo products are effective also individually. They have the same herbal basis. The basis is the same in all of the products. Marbo Activator acts directly in hair bulbs, which it is able to revive even after a long-term period of “sleep”. Those bulbs which do not produce hair roots are not dead, in most cases, even after a long-term problem with alopecia. They are only so irritated, so paralysed by the pathological process that they stopped being active. Activator is helpful here. Marbo Tonic stops hair loss. And it does so almost immediately after being applied for the first time. Marbo Shampoo heals hair skin, adjusts seborrhea, removes dandruff and improves hair quality. Besides this, Tonic and Shampoo stops hair loss and improve its quality and look, they also speed up the effect of Activator. The Marbo products are made to interact with each other and enhance effects together. There is a synergic effect; therefore, we recommend that they be applied together. 

I don’t suffer from alopecia; I have a problem with thin hair. Can your products help me?

Yes, they can. Marbo Tonic stops further hair loss, Marbo Shampoo improves hair quality and rejuvenates hair skin. With family predisposition, if all in the family have thin hair, thickening of hair occurs in 50 cases out of 100. In any case application of Tonic and Shampoo will achieve a positive look, the hair will acquire a greater volume, rise at the roots and it will not cause oily or dry hair. It will simply look thicker, which will give you a better feeling about your hair. Varying your hairstyle will also be less difficult than before. 

Can Marbo Activator help with alopecia barbae? I have bald patches on my chin.

Yes, Marbo Activator is the most effective with alopecia areata and alopecia barbae with a success rate of 80%. 

I don’t suffer from alopecia, only hair loss in spring and autumn. I don’t have problems with hair in summer and winter. Can I use your products to prevent and avoid seasonal hair loss?

Yes, dermatologists recommend preventive use of Tonic and Shampoo for hair treatment. It especially applies to women that colour, iron and back-comb their hair as well as other treatments. 

I suffer from androgenic alopecia. I am a man of medium age and I have corners and I am already bald on the crown. Is it possible that your products can help my hair can start growing again? It seems very unlikely to me because even physicians are not able to resolve this problem. In the end, most of us get friendly with our baldness…

We believe that the Marbo products can help you. It is recommended to apply the whole Marbo set and we recommend a longer treatment of at least 2 to 3 months. Sometimes it is necessary to maintain the treatment for longer. Affecting androgenic alopecia is a tough task. It is the most difficult to change it by treatment. Our dermatological studies confirm the success rate of over 70%; we have many satisfied clients who have been diagnosed with this illness. With the application of Marbo products, your hair loss is going to stop and the quality of your hair will improve. There’s plenty of time to get friendly with your baldness , make friends first with our Activator, Tonic and Shampoo. 

Are your products suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Can they be used by small children or the elderly?

Yes. The Marbo products are 100% natural; therefore, they do not have contraindications . They are not harmful. Their effect have been dermatologically tested in long-term studies and we hold all the necessary certificates. We recommend them to everyone who has any problem with hair, hair skin or hair bulbs. They can be used by children from 6 months of age, adolescents, adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women and also elderly up to 99 years of age. (We have not had a client older than that 🙂 

Can I combine your products with treatment from my dermatologist? I take local corticoids.

Yes, you can. The Marbo products can be used with any treatment, either local or administered perorally in the form of pills. However, we do not recommend applying corticoid solutions on hair skin concurrently with the Marbo products. It is necessary to divide the application through the course of the day and maybe it would be best to only try one product at a time with respect to chemistry and nature. This way, you will easily discover which one actually helped you. 

After chemotherapy my wife lost all hair. The illness subsided, but her bald head compromised her mental health. If I order the Marbo products for her, is there a chance that her hair will grow faster?

Yes, we recommend that you order Marbo Tonic for her. Its application will make the new hair grow at the maximum rate. Following the initial treament, it will be good to continue in applying a combination of Tonic and Shampoo to strengthen the new hair, which is usually very soft after chemotherapy. 

I suffer from alopecia totalis. Can I massage Marbo Activator also in my eyebrows in addition to the hair skin? What about the eyelashes? Will they grow as well?

The eyebrows, yes. As a result of changes in other hair bulbs, the eyelashes are going to grow by themselves, it just takes longer. We definitely do not recommend applying the Marbo products in the area of the eyes or mucous membranes. They contain alcohol, which could cause irritation.