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The solution is the 100% natural, dermatologically tested MARBO products for loss and growth of new hair, which has already for 20 years helped everyone who has used them.

MARBO products


for new hair growth

Activator is a new type of local stimulator for hair growth made from natural extracts and components from rare healing plants, which are located only in certain geographic locations and altitudes. It is totally different from... More information ...
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prevents excessive hair loss

Marbo Tonic is a 100% natural product which treats intense hair loss. The natural formula of Tonic stops intense and long-lasting hair loss and promotes new hair growth. It is especially effective with women after seasonal hair loss (spring, autumn) and with hair loss caused by stress or bad... More information ...
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prevents hair loss

Marbo Shampoo made from plant ingredients is a unique combination of healing herbs. Active ingredients of nettle enriched with fatty acids, vitamins and mineral salt promote local circulation on the scalp and restoration of hair rootlets. Extracts of salvia and rosemary regulate seborrhoea and have a soothing effect on... More information ...

MARBO SET: Activator, Tonic, Shampoo

The quality and effect of the MARBO PRODUCTS has been confirmed by long-term clinical research in dermatology laboratories as well as by thousands of patients who have recovered permanently with the help of these natural products. It has been tested on patients with the diagnosis of androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata, in particular on patients who suffer from various forms of this illness, such as benign form, as well as on patients with unfavourable projected progress of the illness (ophiasis) and also patients with the complex (malign) form of the illness.

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